GUT label to

Product Passport


PRODuct Information System for textile floor coverings

The GUT-PRODIS system was originally developed from the GUT label in 2007 and provided comprehensive information on the environmental characteristics of a product whilst protecting the health and safety of the consumer. As the system was developed, it provided reliable, transparent product information to consumers, retailers, architects and planners based on three elements:

  • (A) The GUT test system for VOC emissions and chemical usage
  • (B) The standardised FCSS symbols for product performance of carpets in use plus any additional properties. 
  • (C) Product identification using a unique ID number and QR code

Since 2020, the GUT-PRODis label has been extended to become a comprehensive Product Passport. All new product information can now be checked online by using the 8-digit licence number and via a QR code. Existing products can still be checked using the unique ID number from the GUT label.

The new GUT-PRODIS-Product pass
The old GUT-Prodis-Label


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