The GUT-Label

Since 1990, the GUT label has been recognised
as a guarantee for environmental and consumer protection

Using the existing GUT- PRODis database, the new Product Passport integrates the environmental and performance data for each flooring product across Europe. It has been developed specifically to ensure greater visibility and transparency of the environmental benefits of floor coverings whilst ensuring that the performance standards are clearly marked. All the information is available online.

Since 1990, GUT has stood for environmental benchmarking and set standards for the textile floor covering industry

Founded in Aachen in December 1990 by leading European carpet manufacturers, GUT has represented the continuous development of environmental standards in the textile floor covering industry for 30 years. Any products which have a GUT label are guaranteed to meet the high environmental standards as laid out by the strict GUT criteria. GUT strives to protect the consumer and the environment by setting strict criteria for all products manufactured in Europe with a focus on health and  safety measures which include pollutants, odours and VOC’s.


The GUT- PRODis label was originally developed in partnership with ECRA to create a uniform labelling system for textile floor coverings across Europe. It included physical tests as well as performance standards and was based on European test standards. The latest Product Passport integrates performance and environmental data and still based on European test standards.  Each product has a unique internal ID number which identifies the manufacture and the specific product. By using the unique 8 digit licence number, which can be retrieved using a QR code, the details of each product are transparent and easily available to the consumer.

From the first GUT label to the Product Passport

GUT-Label 1990

GUT-Label since 2002

GUT-PRODIS since 2004 – european wide

GUT-PRODIS Produkt-Pass since 2020

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