Key Partners

European Testing Houses are important
key partners for carrying out both chemical
and physical tests for textile floor coverings and raw materials.

Chemical and Technical testing

The Belgian Textile Research Institute was founded in 1950 by Fedustria, the Belgian Association of the textile, wood and furniture industries, to improve the competitive position of the Belgian industry. It offers a comprehensive range of activities and services for the textile industry including testing, certification, consulting and research & development. 

Since 1990 it has been an important partner for GUT-PRODis in testing and certification.

The Textiles and Flooring Institute (TFI) was founded in Aachen in 1964. Its research work primarily focuses on the development of solutions and systems to improve the production, marketing, use and recycling of textile floor coverings. TFI is a neutral, independent and not for profit research institution and since 1990 has been an important partner for GUT-PRODis in testing and certification.

The Institut für Ökologie, Technik und Innovation GmbH (OTI) has the widest range of services for the textile industry in Austria. As a modern service provider,  it has an international remit and offers a wide range of services and support. Since 1992 ÖTI has been one of the GUT- PRODis testing houses


Chemical testing

Emission measurements

The eco-INSTITUT Germany GmbH is a privately owned independent company which is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 thereby ensuring that it maintains its impartiality and integrity in relation to testing and assessments. The Institute has a core competence in the measurement of emissions using 90 test chambers according to ISO 16000 and EN 16516. Since 2011 the ECO-Institut has been an important GUT- PRODis test institute.

The Eurofins Group provides testing, certification and advice on the quality and safety of products for manufacturers, distributors and retailers with expertise covering a wide range of national and international rules and regulations. The Group operates using the highest technical standards to ensure impartiality  and independent judgment. The Eurofins Group has been a GUT-PRODis  test institute since 2008.

Normec Servaco is an accredited, independent, multidisciplinary laboratory in Belgium for industrial analysis and research. The experts in the environmental and civil engineering departments work closely together and guarantee an effective, expert service. Normec Servaco, formerly a division of VITO NV, is a GUT/PRODIS testing institute for VOC emissions since 2016.

Technical tests

The French Carpet Institute (Centre de Recherche et d’Etudes Technique du Tapis) has been GUT’s partner in France for all technical and physical tests since GUT was founded in 1990.

The textile technical department of Ghent University has been a partner for physical tests in Belgium since GUT was founded in 1990.