Gemeinschaft umweltfreundlicher Teppichboden e.V.

Gemeinschaft umweltfreundlicher Teppichboden e.V. is the association of Europe’s leading carpet manufacturers. Its aim is the continuous improvement and further development of environmental standards for carpets. With the PRODIS product passport for carpets, GUT has developed a pioneering product information system that provides the end customer with detailed information (e.g. ingredients, environmental friendliness, usage properties and care instructions) on the relevant textile floor covering simply, quickly and transparently.


Teppichboden e.V.

Since 1990, GUT has supported the European textile floor-covering industry by setting and continuously developing the environmental standards to give the consumer the greatest protection. All products under the GUT label are stringently tested for harmful substances and emissions according to the latest findings and techniques available.

PRODIS Product Passport

Each Product Passport is generated using the existing GUT-PRODIS database which integrates environmental and performance data. The latest version has been developed specifically to ensure greater visibility and transparency of the environmental benefits whilst ensuring the performance standards are clearly marked.

Members GUT e.V.

In December 1990, leading European carpet manufacturers founded the Gemeinschaft umweltfreundlicher Teppichboden e.V. in Aachen. Learn more about the aims of the association and its members. 

GUT product testing

Find out more about the comprehensive GUT product testing for carpets, consisting of pollutant, emission and sensory odour tests. We apply the precautionary principle right from the production stage in order to avoid undesirable substances. Prohibited chemicals and strict limits for raw materials ensure maximum environmental friendliness.

Indoor air quality

The improved insulation of modern buildings reduces air exchange. As people spend more time indoors, indoor air quality (IAQ) influences well-being. Discover how textile-based floor coverings have a positive impact on IAQ, promoting comfort and health.

How does the Product Passport work?

The licence number, an 8-digit alphanumeric combination, can be found on the manufacturer’s data sheets or can be obtained from the floor layer. Scan the QR code on the GUT-PRODIS label to go directly to the verification page.