Environment and Health

As well as reducing noise and providing warmth and comfort, textile floor coverings also reduce the level of pollutants in the indoor air. Fine dust and other airborne pollutants can be trapped by the surface ‘pile’ of the flooring and can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner. Learn more about the health effects of textile floor coverings in rooms and get your questions answered.

Carpet and allergies

Approximately 25% of the European  population is affected by allergies and it’s an increasing trend. Compared to previous generations we generally spend more time indoors and so the possibility to absorb more particles alongside the air we breathe is greater than if we were outside. These particles can cause asthma or similar problems.

Fine dust in indoor areas

For those allergy sufferers, particulates and endotoxins in the air are not only a nuisance, but they can trigger asthma attacks and sometimes cause other diseases. Studies prove that the use of textile flooring can reduce the amount of fine dust particles in the air and therefore significantly reduce the risk of breathing related health issues. 

Indoor air quality

Indoor air pollution is a known health risk to humans as harmful substances can trigger allergies or have other negative effects on the immune system. Nowadays, as people spend more time indoors, so the quality of the interior has a significant influence on comfort and health.​